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If homework didn’t exist… I would post things for my delicious followed

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Yes. (and dog girls please)

is that kana

why isnt this a thing yet

Wow, don’t even get me started on something like this. Of course no one is truly serious about something like this, but why would people think it’s okay to say “yes, I’d support the genetic engineering of humanoid beings that would be used for personal and possible sexual enjoyment.” That’s fucking sick. Isn’t it bad enough that we have cooperations that are puppy/kitten mills? Life should not be mass-produced for the sake of human amusement! And to think someone would suggest breeding something so human, someone that would be capable of a higher intelligence and people would be using them as sex toys. Their life would have no other purpose but to serve others, no self-fulfillment what-so-ever. One might as well be breeding slaves if they support this idea! Just because one would be treating it more like a pet doesn’t make it any less inhumane!

I just wish people would THINK about these things before just posting such ideas on a whim.

Why would people think it’s not okay to say something like this. MMmmhmm cat girl sex slavery, my favorite kind of slavery.

Lol someone here needs to learn what is joke, amirite?








Please sign this petition to have this horrid image removed.

The girl in the photo was lied to about the nature of this photo and was told “it is just for a Japanese fashion photoshoot”


This movie also displays the lolita image as pedophilia related. This is an image that lolita have worked hard to dispel for years.

“The Lolita community has been misunderstood for years, usually mislead by the title of Vladimir Navokov’s novel “Lolita”. The community has been fighting really hard to make people understand that, no matter the personal idea of what Lolita is (a fashion, a lifestyle, an aesthetics), it is NOT about sexualising women, but completely the opposite, it is about women feeling comfortable with themselves in clothes that make them feel pretty and that do not relate with attracting men. Moreover, Lolita is not about ageplay. It does not try to make young women look like little girls, hence it’s not focused on attracting pedophiles. It might make the girls look a bit childish depending on the style, but that is not the point for a lolita.

With the promotional poster in which a girl is shown wearing Lolita clothes, her expression being overtly provocative and teasing, the productor and director are causing a massive harm to the Lolita community, leading people who does not know the movement to think that it’s about sex and ruining the hard work that thousands of girls have done during years. Due to this, we ask for the removal of the poster plus a formal apology from both of them.”

yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

i dont wear lolita but representing it as a pedophile’s fetish or whatever is really really really dumb


normally don’t reblog stuff like this but seriously? did they even do their research?

wow this is so wrong

as an actual lolita, im personally offended

and not to mention what would happen to not only me, but the rest of the lolita community.

if this goes through, people wont stop me to tell me how cute i look and take pictures anymore (which i love)

because they will see lolita as a sexual thing, and not what it really is, a style for girls and boys of all ages, no different from any other

which would devastate me because most of the reason i wear it is because it makes me feel prettier than i am.i love peoples compliments and questions about why i am wearing this poofy pink dress, and i never get tired of explaining the whole thing to whoever cares enough to ask because with every one of those people i inform, its another person who is aware of the style and what it really is.

and if this is made, it will pretty much ruin all my efforts.

Not weeaboo-related but still pretty disgusting that someone would do that to this beautiful girl.  Sign, everyone, please!

-Mod M

Reblogging because relavence.

And my iPhone is reflecting in the window and I feel like I need to yell at everyone around me “STOP JUDGING ME!”
I mean, I do follow wtfanime and sociallyunacceptableart and ilikewherethisisgoing. I love you guys, but….


Dear female followers,

please don’t call yourself a “girl gamer!” like it’s something special. It’s not. You’re just a gamer. It irks me when girls expect to be treated special because they play video games. Girls who play video games aren’t that rare. If you feel like you deserve special treatment, just know that you are extremely annoying, and that you are quite possibly suffering from special snowflake syndrome.

Sincerely, Keely.

Im sorry! I forgot my tumblr password! Dssfsaaddfas so now I can’t even use the tumblr app on my phone. I’ve been downgraded to the safari version…. ADSSAGSAFFSAASFDA posts will resume as soon as i get out of my Science classroom….



DEAR WORLD, Internet service providers will begin spying on you!

This is not just the USA, this is also Europe, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

ACTA is another attempt by Hollywood and others to end privacy and freedom to protect their profits.

These well done videos provide an overview:

We got to stop this!

Poland is planning protests.

Europe, contact your representatives.

UK, sign this petition.

USA, reblog this post. Make new posts. Join the EFF. Stay involved.

They won’t give up, and neither will we.

Not weeaboo-related but still relevant.  

EVERYONE REBLOG OKAAAAAY? D: This is like worlds response to SOPA. … Also who else is anticipating horrible “Internet” Hetalia fan characters to start appearing….?